Care & Authentisity

General Care instruction for all printed cotton products

  • Cool 30 ℃ wash with gentle machine action for 1/2 load with a short spin.
  • Do not bleach
  • DO NOT Tumble
  • Dry in the shade
  • Warm iron 150 ℃ max

Remember, the care label is in your Product to help you clean them safely. Follow them and you should end up with good results and if things go wrong it will be someone else’s fault.

The order of the washing symbols have been formalized so that all countries should now follow the same order and anyone anywhere should be able to understand the system. Here is the order the symbols should now appear in:

Symbol Description Likely Fibres
This symbol solely refers to machine washing. Previously the correct temperature for washing has been indicated by a number inside the tub but now there will be a series of dots that do the same job.
Very hot 95℃ to boil wash with maximum agitation, normal rinse and spin. White cotton and linen with no special finishes
sdf Same as above but with 1/2 load capacity and short spin. White cottons and linens with delicate weaves prone to distortion.
Hot 60℃ with maximum agitation normal rinse and spin. Cotton, linen and rayon item which are both colour fast and have no special surface finishes.
Hot wash with cold rinse and short spin or drip dry. White nylon or white polyester/cotton mixes.
Warm 40℃ wash with normal agitation, rinse and spin. Cotton linen and rayon where colours are fast at 40℃ but not at 60℃.
40℃ wash with reduced action for 1/2 load capacity and short spin. Wool including blankets and wool mixes with cotton and rayon.
Cool 30℃ wash with gentle machine action for 1/2 load with a short spin. Silk and printed acetate fabrics with colours not fast at 40℃.
DO NOT MACHINE WASH hand wash only do not wring or spin. Wool, silk, acetate and acrylic materials sensitive to mechanical action.
The ironing symbol lets you know that you can iron a product or fabric. However the dots let you know what temperature you can iron at.
Hot iron to 210℃ max Cotton, linen viscose and derivatives of viscose.
Warm iron 150℃ max Wool, Polyester mixtures.
Cool iron 110℃ max Acrylic, nylon, acetates and polyester.
DO NOT IRON Plasticised materials & some Acrylics.
This is the dry cleaning symbol, but the symbol itself doesn’t tell the full story. There should be an additional letter inside the circle, indicating what type of dry cleaning a product can be put through. In addition, the bar underneath the symbol gives additional information.
Articles cleanable in all normally available dry cleaning solvents. Wool, silk, acetate and acrylic materials sensitive to mechanical action.
Fabrics which are stable in Perchloroethylene, and hydrocarbons, without restriction. All the above, where restrictions on agitation are not indicated.
Products cleanable in the above range but with restrictions on heat, water addition and agitation. Acrylics, polyesters and silks where weaves, surfaces or fibre mixes make garments or fabrics sensitive to treatment.
Articles cleanable in hydrocarbons (white spirit) and solvent 113 using normal dry cleaning techniques. Products where surfaces, additions or materials are sensitive to cleaning solvents or heat.
Fabrics sensitive in normal cleaning solvents but with further restrictions on water addition, agitation and heat. Any fabric with this symbol is very sensitive to heat and movement. It should be cleaned in a bag and not pre or post treated.
DO NOT DRY CLEAN Polyolefins. Items with special finishes or additions.
Drying instructions
May be tumbled at high heat Cotton and linen.
Tumbling allowed at minimum temperature. Polyester, nylon, acetates, loose weave Products and those with surface finishes.
DO NOT Tumble Wool, acrylic and most flocked polyesters.

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