Our Story

Hand Block printing means woodblock printing on textile.

History –For more than 500 years the hand block printing process has been at the forefront of Indian handicraft culture. “Sanganer” A town founded by Kachhawaha prince Sangaji in the early 16th century, developed into a printing center in the later part of the century. This would indicate that Chhippas (Printers) of this town were already famous in early times. With unparalleled expertise, Sanganer-based artisans thrive to preserve centuries-long tradition and produce this astonishing craft with precision and quality. Sanganer now is part of Jaipur, The Pink City of India.

Our Founder

Sheril Sharma, Director of Raaga Block PrintedTextiles Pvt. Ltd. has a working experience of more than 25 years in block print technique, expertise in colors and textures.After working in the core Industry with the passion of conserving and promoting the art of Block Printing, through the preservation of such wonderful artistic heritage by evolving new designs with the use of innovative ideas. In the year 2010 he thought of exploring new vistas of hand block printing to facilitate the end user with eco-friendly fabric and colors, he started his own company which is located in Sanganer, Jaipur.

Our Team

We believe in self-development which adds more value to the organization, to achieve this goal we have created fully motivated and talented teamof Rural Artisans which belong to the remote villages and small towns of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Gujrat. We use their experience and talent which they have learnt from their four fathers and traditions. Needless to say we have established ourselves as a perfect link between these rural artisans and global consumers.

We also give opportunities to young talents to learn and develop these ancient skills as we provide them training keeping in view how to preserve block printing, this helps in the revival of traditional textile skills and sustaining grassroots communities.

We encourage our team to fully participate by inviting their creative inputs and to invent themselves in order to perform well and achieve synergies. We have formed an environment which is clean and stimulating.

For us, each of them islike a family member who is valued and cared. This caring environment allows all of us to fully engage our heads andhearts.

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